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Purification – Energy Boosting – Amplification

  • Chakra: All
  • Zodiac: All
  • Origin: Brazil 

Crackle Quartz, also known as Fire and Ice Quartz, is quartz that has been artificially heated to a high temperature, and then cooled down rapidly, creating the ‘crackled’ effect.

These clear Crackle Quartz tumbles have the same properties of Clear Quartz, but it is believed the energy is dispersed more widely due to the fractures within the crystal.

Clear quartz is bright and full of light. It is the perfect crystal for beginners due to its versatile nature. It has cleansing and detoxifying properties, relaxing the physical and emotional bodies. It is a powerful master healer that may be used for any condition. Clear quartz can bring clarity to difficult situations, promoting open communication and consciousness. Clear quartz will also amplify the energy of other nearby crystals.

These crackles in these tumbles have rainbows when placed in sunlight!

Mixed sizes

Price is per piece. Each piece will be intuitively chosen for you.